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August 2021 - December 2021

Social Media and Digital Marketing Internship

Pipe Right Plumbing Inc.

- Developed a marketing plan that aligns with the brands strategy and projected increased brand awareness.

- Implemented social media techniques and digital marketing strategies to increase the brands awareness, reputation, and customer loyalty.

- Produced a 6-page research paper outlining social media and digital marketing techniques specified for the brands identity and mission.

May 2022 - August 2022

Marketing and Organizational Management Internship

Session Cocktail Bar

- Implemented organizational management strategies to increase company productivity, save time, and improve the overall work environment.

- Implemented traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies to increase sales revenue and brand awareness.

- Collaborated with leadership team to implement management and marketing tactics.

September 2022 - Current

Floor Manager and Leadership Team Member

Session Cocktail Bar

- Collaborate in weekly meetings to discuss what the company is doing well and what the company needs to improve on and get done. 

- Managing opening and closing procedures, and leading staff with encouragement and accountability.

- Collaborated with leadership team to implement management and marketing tactics.


September 2018 - December 2022

The University of Alabama

Bachelor of Arts: Interdisciplinary 

Brand Management and Marketing

- A member of New College, an interdisciplinary liberal arts program where highly motivated undergraduates design their own curricula. 

- Completed coursework in marketing, management, creative media, advertisement, public relations, language, environmental, and global studies courses. 

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Time Managment

Teamwork & Collaboration


Strategic Marketing


Project Managment

Dedicated Work Ethic


Whether you're starting your brand from scratch, looking to implement strategies to improve your brands overall effectiveness, or just looking for a little bit of brand management and marketing guidance I have you covered. I want to help your business align with your ultimate brand vision by setting measurable goals and conquering them by implementing strategic business tactics. 


- Brand Messaging 

Improve how your company delivers its messages and value proposition to consumers.

- Brand Positioning 

Improve how your target market views your brand. 

- Brand Style and Identity

Design of overall brand aesthetic including website, social media, logo, and more.

- Brand Voice

Set your brands personality and how the public views your brand. 

- Social Media Management 

General social media maintenance. 

- Email Marketing

Producing email newsletters. 

- Analytics and Reporting

Generating data on marketing techniques and implementations. 

- Traditional Marketing

Implementation of traditional marketing techniques such as promotional events, direct advertising, and more. 



- Reporting and Analytics 

Generating general business data such as sale revenue, customer count, and more. 

- Planning and Scheduling 

Setting important company dates such as staff events and data checkins, and maintaining general time management. 

- Quality Management 

Ensuring a business is producing products that align with their brand. 

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